I believe that a home is more than just a living space, an investment, or a showroom for your things. Your home should give you a sense of joy and peace. It feeds your soul.

I bring this perspective to every job, always searching for a way to make each project uniquely reflect the client’s desires. It brings me pleasure to fix things, to reuse materials, and to turn something old into something new. I hate to see anything go into a landfill just because it isn’t working when all it needs to operate is a little TLC. Of course, when something is past all hope, then I believe in getting it out of there to make room for something new. Especially when new means sustainable.

A question I commonly get is, “What do you do?” The short answer is, “Most likely whatever you need”.

Do you have something that is broken or doesn’t work the way it should? Do you have squeaky doors, stuck drawers, holes in the wall, missing shingles or clapboards, or leaky gutters?
I can help fix it.

Do you wish your house was different? That it better suited your needs or reflected your lifestyle? Do you want hardwood floors, a porch or pergola, a window in the living room, or a room painted in a fresh, new color?
I can help improve it.

Does your home need to be embellished with a little pizazz to make it feel like yours? Do you long for built-in bookshelves, handmade doors, a custom paint job, an entry room mosaic, or a concealed hatch for valuables? Do you have a unique vision in your head that just needs a little elbow grease to get it out into the world? Are you looking for a custom space, all your own?
I can help dream it.

Or I can just help you. Do you just need a hand to assist you in finishing a project? Someone to bring over tools and help complete an enterprise, a second person swinging a hammer to cut your time in half, or someone to take care of that “Assembly Required” item you just bought?

I can help you do whatever you need.