This is a 5′ x 8′ custom chicken coop
Here is a pine bench, securely mounted to wall, with shelves for shoes
A nicely angled Black Locust deck
This basement suffered extensive water damage when a waterline burst.
Shown here is the room after replacing the walls, floor and trim.
Wood sheathing for crumbling cement steps
This was a project using existing keepsake tiles,
repurposed as the top of a custom cherry coffee table
A woodshed made primarily from recycled materials.
It holds just about a cord of wood.
These shelves are recessed into the kitchen wall, freeing up valuable space.
There is also a small prep counter, a hinged chalkboard (with additional
storage behind it), and a piece of driftwood mounted securely in place.
Here’s a custom fence from pressure treated wood,
made to fit with the existing fence to the left of the shed.
One side of a custom cedar arbor / clothesline
A custom spice rack