My latest endeavor is the creation of Dream Spaces: fully customized rooms, no matter how unusual, pulled from your imagination and made real! These can be previously finished spaces given a complete overhaul, or a brand new blank canvas addition (including freestanding shed-sized structures or ‘tiny homes’). Perhaps you want a cozy writing retreat in your backyard, or a maybe something bombastic like a pirate playroom for the kids. If you’ve been daydreaming of a unique room layout or themed location, get in touch with me to start the discussion on your own custom project. Or join our mailing list to receive infrequent emails of our projects (only a handful a year, stop anytime, email addresses never sold or traded, of course)!

A cozy medieval tavern in the basement, filled with secrets

Here’s some pictures of our latest creation – a basement room turned medieval tavern -still in progress.
Check back to see the finished product and upcoming creations!

The before picture:

Here’s the same space, before the transformation. Just basement storage.